Care Categories

"   Play is the main business of the lives of children and is the way that they learn and explore the world around them. It is a vital process by which children develop their intellectual, physical, creative and social skills."
- Mary Webb,   co-author of the National Play Policy

1 – 2 years Nursery lounge

"Young children are active learners" and this specially designed room allows opportunities for fun activities which enable children to develop their unique personalities and safely explore their environment while also allowing rest and sleep when needed.


2 – 3 years Toddlers lounge

This room allows opportunities for further language development and overall skills enhancement. It has been designed to give each child easy access to play equipment and caters for their individual needs. At this stage, we work closely with parents in developing a toilet training programme and our toilet area is well equipped to operate this programme.


3 – 6 years Pre-schoolers

All pre-school age children are given the opportunity for spontaneous play. He/she has the freedom to choose how they will play and it is the child who sets the agenda in a play situation. "Children need to experience challenges, equipment and activities that will promote feelings of success, safety and fun."


After-school care

School age children are provided with a nutritious meal, homework supervision and opportunities for play. Delivery to and collection from local schools is available and each child can partake in a physical activity programme each evening.

A "Chill Out" zone allows for rest and socialisation with peers and a fully equipped computer room, library and study area is available. With the proximity to the University of Limerick, facilities at the sports arena are accessed both in the afternoons and during the days that the schools are closed.

Extra curricular activities

Music lessons, speech and drama, ballet etc. are available – all depending on demand.